Odin Works – 223 Wylde, 16.1″ Mid Length Barrel

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Odin Works – 223 Wylde, 16.1″ Mid Length Barrel


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  • Profile: Medium
  • Length: 16.1″
  • Gas placement: Mid length
  • Rifling: Button 8 twist
  • Weight: 1 lbs 15 oz
  • Made from 416R Stainless Steel
  • Hand-Lapped
  • M4 Feed ramps
  • 1/2-28 Threading
  • 1″ MOA guaranteed
  • Tunable Gas Block Included


The .223 Wylde Barrel is one of the most popular caliber options for the AR-15 platform. It’s popularity is because it shoots both civilian .223 Rem ammo, and military 5.56 NATO ammo. The .223 Wylde is also dependable and accurate, great for varmint hunting, target shooting, and self defense. The most common length for a .223 Wylde Barrel is 16.1″ because it’s long enough to still be very accurate at long distances but not too heavy. It is also the shortest rifle barrel length and not considered a AR-15 Pistol (anything less than 16″).

Our .223 Wylde has a chamber throat that is tighter than the 5.56 achieving better accuracy but still reliable and functional with 5.56 ammunition. Paired with our tunable gas block, you’ll have smooth cycling and easy tunability. Our DI barrels include a stainless steel tunable gas block and are made in Idaho, U.S.A.


Weight 2 lbs
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